Why does it happen again?

There are a few possibilities here. I focus on the energy point of view and the law of attraction. To make it simple, when someone experiences a traumatic situation, the body registers all these emotions of fear, anger, guilt, shame… and these remain stuck in the body. This, on a subconscious level, creates an energy field around our body that can direct us to others like us, or people who are looking to take advantage of others such as us. In terms of sexual assault, a predator can sense such an energy field. This is why often, we have not just one but multiple sexual assaults. When people have been abused from a very young age, the entire life experience is shaped around that experience. It can become so ingrained that they have a tendency to direct themselves toward someone who will treat them in a related way, thus creating a familiar situation.

A person who comes from an abusive family or has been raped or suffered violence can have difficulty when treated with Love and Respect because in such cases it can be highly unsettling; it can engender fear or even anger, rage, or/and physical violence as a defense mechanism. This explains why when a rape or abuse victim sometimes cannot cope with a loving relationship.

By releasing the trauma, not with our head but with our body, we create a new energy field, one which will attract different people and thus a different set of experiences. Once we understand how and why we attract certain situations, it makes us responsible for our life and changing from a victim status to someone who can make their own choices. As we break old patterns, we find we can create a new future. All this requires a lot of work, but it is possible.

If we don’t love and respect ourselves, we can have difficulty attracting or relating to one who loves and respects us. We can believe we love ourselves but often that is the mind talking. The energy of our entire Being might say differently. Healing the effects of a trauma requires time and focus. Amongst other things, it involves seeing and accepting the darkest parts of our being.

Working with the body and energy supports such a development in our energy patterns.