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Family Constellation Workshop. 

No dates for now.

£70 Issue Holder 

£35 Representative

Bring warm socks, jumpers and some food to share if you are hungry.

A Book in Writing

I have decided to write a book about my personal experience with trauma and how to recover. Many people still ask questions about their traumatic experiences and often the "why" doesn't get answered. Through my personal story I would like to share what I discovered  for me so others can find their answers or look for them. The money will be used to pay my editor because a fair amount of work is still needed and this is my first book. 

Post-traumatic Growth: Healing Sexual Trauma From a Personal Perspective.

    No dates for now


If you are looking to understand sexual trauma on a deeper level and understand how to truly heal, come and and listen to my story .  All the money raised will be used to pay for the editing and the publishing of the book I am currently writing. 


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