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Essenian - Egyptian Therapies

Distance healing session and one to one available 

Healing the Heart from the Heart.


Essenian - Egyptian therapies consider the body, the mind and go beyond just the physical, including the spiritual aspect of the person.

Comfortably lying face down on a mattress, on the floor or a massage table if you have physical issues, you will close your eyes and allow yourself to relax. Depending on what we discuss before, I will position my hands on specific points situated on your body and allow energy to pass through my hands to reach you.


The healing session last one hour and half, with first half hour spend talking about your health, your life and how you feel so I can understand how to direct the session. Many people drift off, fall asleep, while others experience physical and/or emotional pain and release. Each session works out differently and is concluded with both of us sharing the perspective of the session.


The energy has often been described as strong but gentle.

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