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Therapeutic Massage 

  • Medical/family history

  • Massage                              

  • Energy work   /   Emotional release                    

£80 two hours 

Family constellation

Individual session  


Done with little peg dolls and objects, they are used instead of people and help us to look at any issues and release them. This is for anyone who can't attend workshops, prefers to be alone to deal with an issue and/or can not be touched with massage, which can happen when someone experienced trauma. 

The session lasts approximately 2 hours​. Distance session available.





We have Issue Holders and Representatives .  

The workshop lasts between 5 and 6  hours.  You can bring food to share with others. I provide herbal teas. Bring a jumper and socks to keep you warm. Sometimes you can feel cold due to the changing energies.

If you wish to organise  a workshop, I can facilitate the event and eventually provide a venue in Leeds city centre. 


Issue holder £70 

Representative £35

Essenian-Egyptian Therapies

I encourage a session approximately every 3 weeks. We always review together the progress made, the ups and downs and what you can do at home to support healing. 

Session lasts 2 hours and  include 30 min talk and 1 hour and half for treatment. 


The therapy can also been done over distance, it lasts approximately 90 min and include 30 min talk and 1 hour of treatment. 


Distance DEI session  (Skype or whats app)


I use a french technique called DEI "Detoxination Emotionelle et Informationnelle” created by Jacob Vladimir Balga which allows the release of emotions. I use it during massage, family constellation and I can also use it on skype. I will guide you to repeat sentences and words that will allow you to heal on a very deep level. 


This session lasts 1 hour.