My name is Jenny Briard, a dedicated internationally trained massage therapist. I am a native French speaker and have been living in England for over 11 years. I am bi-lingual and therefore my sessions can be held in both French and English. 

I am very direct and open minded being able to relate to individuals from different walks of life. I have always been extremely passionate about helping and supporting others and about trying to contribute to making this world a better place. 
I have a great respect for all living creatures, Humans, Plants, Animals, Crystals and of course our Earth.

I decided to specialise in trauma and work with energies, transgenerational trauma and massage at the same time because after years of searching for myself, I realised simultaneous treatments are often necessary in order to successfully heal from trauma. Many aspects that can be overlooked or not talked about can prove to be crucial components in healing successfully . Often only the mind aspect is being focused upon, but from personal experience, working with the body and the mind simultaneously proved more successful in diminishing, or in some cases just actually letting go of the effect of trauma.

I combine different techniques that I have learnt over the years so the sessions can be similar or variable depending on your needs.
I also develop my work around family constellation because I discovered what a wonderful tool it was to look at the unseen side of an issue. Often we are influenced by emotions that belong or in many cases do not belong to us and by other criteria that only the field of a constellation workshop can bring to consciousness.

Over the years I have travelled to Peru and Brazil on several occasions for spiritual, meditation and healing experiences to further develop my own personal healing ability and also to expand my knowledge and awareness of my inner self. 
Although this has not always been the case, I am now very comfortable to speak about the role of the Deceased in families’ dynamic as well as anything that relates to the Spiritual world as my personal experiences have lead me to confront all of these situations in great depth. 

I am fortunate to have crossed paths with people throughout my life who have taught me valuable lessons and shared with me some extremely useful knowledge about the human body and mind which is often called upon during my treatment sessions.


ITEC level 3 in Swedish Massage, Scotland 2009
ITEC level 3 in Aromatherapy, Scotland 2009
Clinical Aromatherapy (level 5), England 2013
Massage Training with Jacob Vladimir Balga, France 2013
APNT Massage and Pregnancy Diploma, UK 2014
First year training, CSC Centre of Systemic Constellation), UK 2014 

Three years training in Essenian-Egyptian Therapies with Francis Hoffman and Climene Farouelle, France  2017-2019

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