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A book in writing!

£1059 out of £6500 has been raised so far.

I'm raising funds to publish my first book – the very unusual story of how I overcame the after-effects of a string of traumatic events in my life. It’s a book that aims to inspire others to talk freely about their own negative experiences and find their way to healing and letting go.


About me


I have been living in England for the last eleven years.


A series of negative events from my childhood onwards had turned me into a very angry, very pessimistic person indeed. I lived through years of sexual abuse in my family home. Then, at the age of 15, I had an accident, followed by a rape, an abusive relationship and an abortion. I was, as they say in England, a nervous wreck.


Then, one day, I woke up and thought: “I’ve had enough.” I didn’t want to have any more panic attacks. I didn’t want to keep on lurching from one bad experience to another. I didn’t want to fear men for the rest of my life. I wanted to enjoy my life and my body, free from emotional pain and anguish. So I set out on a mission to fix myself… and ended up on an extraordinary eight-year journey that completely changed my life.

Today, I see the world very differently. I’m no longer a victim; I’m me… an optimistic person who lives normally, without shame, fear and guilt, and who is able to talk about the past with no problems whatsoever.



About my book

While it discloses everything that happened to me, the book’s main focus is on how I managed to make the connection between emotions and experiences and set out on the road to recovery.

 My search for healing took me to amazing places, where I learned many different and often very unusual techniques for healing mind, body and spirit. I experienced the cathartic powers of the Ayahuasca ceremony in the Peruvian jungle. I had some very surreal experiences in Brazil. I studied transgenerational trauma. And I even returned to France, my motherland, to learn all about family constellation.

Finally, I returned to England, where I attended many helpful workshops in, amongst other things, mind/body therapy. By doing a lot of digging, I came to understand that lots of things we don’t see can really affect us, and I learned how to heal my psychological wounds permanently.

 The therapies I discovered are rarely talked about, or completely unheard of, in mainstream healthcare, and my book sheds light on these healing options and explains how they work. It also discusses how to mend familial relationships, make peace and learn how to be in charge of your own life.


My aim in publishing my story

People who’ve experienced traumatic events in their lives often have the same questions: “Why me? Why do bad things keep happening to me again and again? What have I done to deserve this?”

But when they seek help, they find the standard psychotherapy they’re offered barely scratches the surface. My deepest wish is that, in reading my story, many other people who are suffering find the strength to talk freely about their experiences. And that they’re encouraged to seek alternative options that will help them change at a much deeper level and create a better life for themselves.



What do I need to raise funds for?

I’ve been living in England for 11 years, so English has become the language I think and communicate best in, while my native French has atrophied. That said, I do want to publish my book in English and French, but my grammar in both languages lets me down!

I feel it’s such an important story to tell, to help others who are struggling to deal with similar traumatic experiences. But to tell it properly, I need to pay for the help of an editor, a translator and an illustrator, so I can polish my manuscript, send it to literary agents and get it published and promoted.

You can donate any amount that you wish. For more info:

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